Open Any Files App Reviews

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Useful application

Very clean, simple interface that allows you to access useful technical info otherwise unavailable. Will open seemingly any file type.

This App simply works!

I like this app. It’s simple and does the job. I like how it can open ZIP files and other files in a snap. The information displayed towards right is very helful to me as a developer. I would recommned that the right frame should be made thinner. Thank you guys.

I usually don’t write reviews but...

Looking for a sleek and useful application to open up .rar files, and well, it did it seemlessly. No effort. Just literally drag, drop, and click export, and a few seconds later there is a openable file. Fantasticly done.

Amazing app

This is an amazing app which can be used to access all the files and can even scan them.The app can also be used to get the SHA details and other required details.The interface is user friendly too.

Easy to use app

Very useful app for getting info of different file types and video files could be opened as well as played with this app easily.

Nice App

Very simple for understanding app, helpful for every day.

The best application

This application is really useful. It helps me with a lot of things. It would be better to have some other features. However Open Any Files has one perfect feature. Thanks a lot.

Very Very Useful App

Excellent App. I can open pretty much all the files types I tried.

Useful app.

From time to time I need to get the whole information about file and this app let do it very easy. Button “Report” lets send info to developers if file is not opens, I think it is good thing for user's feedback.

Usefull Application

Amezing application that is helped me a lot. As few of the images that need to be edited and I was struggling for the same, but using this application I was able to do just fractions in second. Thank you very much!

Easy to use!

Very user friendly interface with easy to read information. The drag and drop function makes it a breeze to do what you need to do. Helpful and useful.

Really Useful application!!!

Awesome! It’s very useful application for viewing different types of documents. I can easily access different type of files on a single platform.

Nice app to user

Nice App to user, User friendly, Ui need to improve, Really helpful to user. open all kind of text file into the Open Any Files.

Amazing app !!!!

I love this app it’s awesome. Open any Files is easy to use. It’s fast and simple. This app helped me alot to see details of all files on my macbook on just drag and drop. Recommended one.

Very useful app

Thanks for developping such a nice and useful app. It’s really easy to use with clear interface. No need a lot of other apps to be downloaded. Just install this one and enjoy.

good app

This is an amazing app. Files can be scanned and also provide the information like SHA 1.The interfacve is user friendly.

Not recommend at all

If you download this app, it will take over your Mac and you will not be able to view not even a PDF file. If you will double-click on a file the Open any Files will open blocking the actual Preview from displaying the file. I had also problems in installing an update for a design software.

Very useful app

I can almost open all my files with this app and this has made my life very easy.

Great App!

This app is very user-friendly and easy to figure out. I like the simplicity and straightforwardness of the design, because it’s not overloaded with graphics and text. It worked well for images, Word documents, and pdfs, which is all I really need it for.

Very useful app that shows lots of info on your file

Will definitely use this app more often.

An essential application which can be used to scan the file and get the SHA,1,256,MD2 info.

This is a nice application which is working fluently with any file.Supporting the idea this app works good with what it is intended to.Can give it a try ,this will fulfill the needful. Files can be scanned for virus too. Nice work by the app developers. Keep it up!!

Awesome Application

I could find the details of the apps very precisely.Great work.Keep going

Would not recommend

I had to open some files so I could do some work for school. After I opened an .exe file with this app, it could not open it and recommended something else I had to pay for. I immediatly uninstalled the app, then after I tried to open the original file and it said ‘%@ can’t be found’. Would not recommend.

Opened it first time

Had a excel file with graphs on a thumb drive. Needed to drag it to the desktop and import into iMovie. Dragged it to desktop in a PDF with no problems.

Does what it says… plain and simple

The app works like Mac’s Preview or the 'Get Info’ function. Nothing extraordinary, except for the SHA1/256, MD2/5 file details. Great tool for power users!

Easy to use

Very easy to use to see file information in one place (size ,extention ,created and modified date ) and also its SHA ,MD2 ,MD5 code .It has limited features but sometime we need simple use app not complicated ,because more feature more clicks .

Great app

my first efffort to test this app was flawless. it is very user friendly

Took over my Mac

After I installed this app, I can’t open the updates for my marketing software we use in our company :(( Be careful when you use it. It might cause you trouble.

Must have!!

This app is really usefull, as in fact usefullnes comes from the practical use and time that it saves when you use this app. You can basically drag and drop to use app. Highly Recommended.

It’s really useful tool

I can see information of all files quickly especially SHA 1, 256, MD2 and MD3. Support drag and drog so it’s easy to use. Give it 5 stars and highly recommend.

Interesting idea

Interesting idea for an app, although this replicates functionality of Mac Finder in displaying file information via Command + I keyboard shortcut.


Just what i was looking for, needed an app to view those infos.would reccomend to everyone who needs that.

why would any one need this

It opens all the files your computer has built in oem programs to handle this app is a waste of space!


Its okay. I use it to sometimes open pdf files but other than that I’ve found that its quite simple and doesn’t really do much. If you’re looking for feedback, find one single thing that makes your app very useful. Not many people care to know more information about the file. I hope that at some point you’ll add a sound capability of extracting .rar files etc similar to winzip/winrar. I would definitely use that all the time.

takes over your file opening experience. uninstalling it ruins your computer

i was about to extract .rar with unarchiver already installed on my system. Then this dumb app recommends I download a different app from the app store to extract. No thanks. I uninstalled this app, now any file I open pops up with an weird error saying “%@ is missing"


Expected a little more..

Right on the first usage...

Never had a need to use this app and it qorked perfectly...

Should have believed the reviews...

And paid attention to the screen shots showing what it “does”. Screen shots show this app opening a .pdf and .jpeg. Seriously!?!? Totally my fault for not looking at that closer. As if there were no other applications that open these files that everyone needs to resort to this app! Beware if you have an obscure file extension—this will more than likely NOT open your file!

This 100% did not work

It couldn’t open a .pyo, it didn’t open ANYTHING actually and it lied.

does not open file

as title

Terrible, cannot edit files!

Unable to edit files!

Works, but messes up computer

This app is a great idea, but has one fatal flaw. It autimatically takes over opening a big chunk of file types, in effect erasing their proper icons. For example, it took over .MKV video files, changing their icon to an empty page icon. Even after changing the default back to VLC Player, the icon remained. I had to uninstall this app to fix this issue. If this is fixed, I’m happy to change my rating and re-install the app. At least give the users a preference pane to select wheter they want this to happen or not!


I received a .ptx file and could not open it. File Preview showed a blank page. I found this app and installed it. No help. Preview is hex and gobbledy goop.

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